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The STARFLIGHT Adjustable Rudder Pedals offer the ultimate in control and comfort for experimental airplanes.  An easy to access crank handle adjusts the position of the rudder pedals to the best fit for each pilot, no matter their stature.  Close tolerance polymer bearings are used for precision movements with smooth and accurate control of the rudder and brakes.  Rudder and brake control mechanisms (rudder pedals) are critical to the safe and effective operation of any airplane.

The mechanism may be integrated in most airplanes that use cables to control the rudder and with castering nosewheels, where ground steering is by differential braking of the main wheels. New and retrofit installations are easy.

Well over a hundred STARFLIGHT Rudder Pedals have been sold with 15 years of fleet history and a perfect safety record.

We have started a new production run -- order now!  For dual controls, order two units.

Upgrade your aircraft with the STARFLIGHT Adjustable Rudder Pedals for the ultimate in control and comfort for experimental airplanes.

Adjustable Rudder Pedals & Brakes Control Mechanism

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